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One Thousand Years of Slavery

(4 x 60’)

Series starts Monday 7th January 2022, 8pm ET/PT on Smithsonian Channel.


1000 Years A Slave

For Channel 5. Stream on MyFive

Series starts 10pm on Tuesday 19th Oct.

Slavery made the modern world. It transformed the economies of the West and the demography of the globe. It was one of the biggest movements of people in all of history. One Thousand Years of Slavery, a new landmark series for Channel 5 and Smithsonian Channel, will transform our understanding of slavery and the slave trade. It will uncover forgotten stories, breath-taking locations, living communities, cutting-edge archaeology. It will reveal connections that link the history of slavery to modern communities across the world, and using drama-recon, it will bring to life key events in this thousand year history.

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